Saturday, May 30, 2009


Recently, Jayli's babysitter Kelsi, has been blessed with a new addition to her family. Little Paxton was welcomed on May 22nd, 2009. We were in a bind to find a replacement for her to watch Jayli while Jorgen and Kayla worked full time. We finally came to the decision to enroll her in ECDC (Evanston Child Development Center) It is a pre-school based Day Care. At first we were reluctant to choose the Day Care route but it has proved to be a good choice. Jayli absolutely loves it. She gets to play with a lot of other kids her age and she is learning so much. Jayli loves it when she goes to 'school'. We ask her if she wants to go and she will beat us to the car! They get to make crafts and all sorts of fun things. For mothers day, they took coffee filters and tie dyed them to make butterflies with clothes pins. There is something about the first actual mother's day present that your child makes you and tugs at your heart strings.

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Lace said...

I am not telling Ayla about this! She has been dying to go to school, she can't wait! She would be so jealous!
Sounds like a really cool program and so cool that she loves it!