Saturday, May 30, 2009


Recently, Jayli's babysitter Kelsi, has been blessed with a new addition to her family. Little Paxton was welcomed on May 22nd, 2009. We were in a bind to find a replacement for her to watch Jayli while Jorgen and Kayla worked full time. We finally came to the decision to enroll her in ECDC (Evanston Child Development Center) It is a pre-school based Day Care. At first we were reluctant to choose the Day Care route but it has proved to be a good choice. Jayli absolutely loves it. She gets to play with a lot of other kids her age and she is learning so much. Jayli loves it when she goes to 'school'. We ask her if she wants to go and she will beat us to the car! They get to make crafts and all sorts of fun things. For mothers day, they took coffee filters and tie dyed them to make butterflies with clothes pins. There is something about the first actual mother's day present that your child makes you and tugs at your heart strings.


Jayli has recently gotten to be the big girl she wants to be!! We took the side rail off of her crib that Grandpa bought her and she is now in heaven! She has not yet 'fallen' out of bed...... but she does like the fact that she isn't confined!!! One morning she was sleeping in front of her electric fire place on the floor with her baby, another morning she was found in the morning sound asleep in the middle of a pile of toys on the opposite side of the room as her bed. But she stays in her room and doesn't wake us up at night. She likes the idea that Mom and Dad don't have to physically get her out of bed and she likes being able to get in it herself. She is a proud little soul!!!!

Jayli also LOVES her books. She is always reading her book and reading them to us. If you loose Jayli, you can almost always find her in a pile of books in her room!

Tractor Rides

The first Mowing of the year!!!! Jayli LOVED to ride the mower with Daddy. She gets so excited when it is time to mow the lawn, she beats Jorgen to the top of the tractor and mows the whole yard with him and gets mad when they are done and the tractor gets put back in the garage.

Gorgeous Girl

In Feburary, Jayli and Mommy decided to surprise Daddy and had pictures done at Sears for him. He loved them. They are so cute.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First Haircut

Jayli has some insane hair!!! It is so unruly and think that she now gets a haircut about once a month. Her and Daddy both. She has done better the last couple of times with her haircuts but the first time she was to busy trying to figure out what I was doing behind her she wanted to see what was going on.

Snow Day

Jayli finally got a stab at good ole Evanston winters this year. She is finally old enough to go play in it. She loves to get all bundled up and going out to play while mommy or daddy shovels the walks. She gets so excited when we tell her to go get her snow pants and hat. She wasn't sure the first day but after that it is her favorite!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Update

Finally!!!!! Kayla has been working hard to recieve her CNA. On November 15th she passed her State Board of Nursing exam with flying colors. She is now working for Uinta Home Health and Hospice. She LOVES it. Sometimes the work itself is not the great but she loves her job.
Jayli hates it when mom leaves, but absolutely loves her sitter. Kelsi is a friend of ours whose husband works with Jorgen at the Jail and they have a little boy not much older than Jayli and she has a blast with little Chase. She comes home in the afternoon just exhausted! He does teach her a lot though. Kids learn best from other kids! She has learned what scrubs are and she gets upset everytime she sees me put them on in the morning. She has translated that style of clothing to relate to mom leaving. It is sad but at the same time good for her to go play with kids her own age and good for mom's sanity to get out of the house and make some money doing what she enjoys doing.
Jorgen is still at the Jail for a little over a year now and is very happy with where he is.
Jayli is just getting SOOO big. I can't believe it. One day her pants fit and the next we are at the store buying new ones that do! She is quite the talker and is full of energy. She is just all over the place all the time. She is our little climber and always independant. She won't let you feed her or even cut up her meals, she has to do it on her own. She is our little princess and loves to dance. The second you turn music on she is out the doing whatever she does.
Well that is us for now, we are headed into the holidays so there will be more excitement to follow.